The first time I learned about feminism as a young adult was when Emma Watson spoke about it to United Nations. My ignorance on the subject until then came about for many reasons. I was not very aware of the need for a feminist movement (as Emma explains, women in first world countries do not face as much discrimination as other females); I assumed feminists were non-shaving, aggressive women; and, this was the first public feminist speech I had ever paid attention to. Watson explains why some women choose not to become feminists – these reasons I identified with until recently.

She acknowledges that these aspects of feminism are false. Emma points out that women should be paid equally, have complete control of their body, have equal say as the men in government, and deserve respect in society, among other reasons.

By appointing someone similar in age to teenage girls who were continuing to make up their mind about identifying as feminists, the women of the UN broadened the spectrum of proud feminists. Below is her inspiring and empowering speech that commenced my journey to defining myself as a feminist.

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