I initially began searching for hair that I would want for myself. The girl who I observed had very curly blonde hair. The reason I began looking at her hair was not initially because I wanted my hair to look like that, but because she kept playing with it. It looked frizzy, big, and difficult to manage. She kept patting it down like she was trying to stop it from being all of those things. It was light in some areas and dark in others but this all looked natural.

It did not look like she put much effort into because, although it was long, it was still frizzy, creating a triangle shape around her head. Her curls were not ringlets but rather very scrunched up waves. She patted her hair down again. There were two bobby pins on each side of her face, holding her bangs back. I’m guessing she needed two because her hair seemed thick. It was parted down the middle and frizzed closer to her scalp in very tight curls.

It looked like her hairdresser gave her layers, her first landing around her waste and the second landing about midway up her back. This is very dramatic and I can only assume it was done to try to thin her hair out. I’m actually kind of jealous of her hair. I wish mine were interesting and had some body. She adjusts the bobby pins to go farther back on her head and smooths her hair down again.

As she was looking at her phone, she twirled a curl around her finger. Each curl seemed like its own piece of hair. I found this unique and interesting. She seemed annoyed with it, took out the bobby pins, and went to put her hair in a ponytail and the hairband only wraps around her hair once to hold it securely. Her hair looks like it is going to snap the hairband. It flops as she moves her head, each curl bouncing. Although I would like something like her hair, it seemed very difficult to manage and she seemed like she was about ready to shave her head and I would not want to deal with that.