In Campion on February 23rd around 8am, there were three boys sitting in a triangular position. One of them was wearing a plaid shirt, the other a blue and a baseball cap, and the other was wearing a black sweatshirt. There was a plaid backpack between the boys on the table as they laughed at what the boy in the black had said. All of the people sitting alone in Campion were sitting with their heads down either working or, I’m assuming, avoiding eye contact with others. People come and go from Campion very frequently.

There are four people who look like they work at the school. There is one woman and three men in the group that are all eating. They seem to be talking about something serious or important. Another serious person: there is a boy who is eating alone in a black polka dot shirt, collared shirt. He is working on a black laptop very vigorously.

A boy walks in in a gray sweatshirt. He goes to get food and comes back with two plates. He seems excited. He eats all of his food very quickly and leaves with his black backpack within 10 minutes.

There Campion worker who I see very often. She is dressed in all black with her blonde hair tucked into a hairnet. When the boy in the gray sweatshirt gets up to leave, she immediately stops by his table to wipe it off and push in his chair. She is one of the few people who work there who seems to take pride in her job.

Two girls walk by me, obviously just coming in and getting food. One is wearing a headband and a yellow sweater. The other is wearing a gray sweatshirt. They both have light hair similar to mine. They are laughing and hurrying to get their food.

Suddenly, Campion gets a little bit more crowded. Bunches of people begin to swipe in. A few of these people include a boy wearing a green sweatshirt, a girl wearing an army green coat with dark hair, another boy in a black sweatshirt and long hair, two boys who are obviously twins, and a girl with a huge headband.

The three boys who were sitting in a triangular shape became four with the rush of students. The new addition had a red sweatshirt on. A girl walks by in an army green coat with a pink water bottle. Another guy takes off his black coat as his friend takes of his wet, gray sweatshirt. As Campion got busier, lines began to form by the food, it got louder, and the kitchen area began to get more crowded.

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