My name is Kaeleigh and I am a sophomore student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. For one of my classes, I was asked to pick a topic to research and blog about that interested me greatly. I was very hesitant in picking a topic because I did not want to spend a semester investigating something dull and tedious. I really wanted to commit to whatever topic I selected.

I spent a few days deciding what subject matters I faced my life that were controversial. I ended up choosing feminism. This is a topic I never understood huge argument against but I had never declared myself a feminist. I immediately became interested in the subject and delved into my investigation.  After months of research, I have converted to feminism.

Good feminism does not blame people for injustices. It does not value one gender more than the others. It does not hate other genders. Good feminism simply fights for the equality of all genders. This is explained by so many sources, yet the topic is still debated over. (The Representation Project urges people to demand better media for both genders, The Representation Project addresses the difficulties of being a man, Always brings up the issue of using the word “girl” as an insult, among other sources.)

People still believe women are not seen as equal. A woman’s nipples cannot be shown on social media but a man’s can, women pay more for household items, and females are underrepresented in the government.

But, people are trying to bring awareness to these injustices. A clock has been invented for when women complete 79% of their work day to warn them that they are not getting paid past this point. Numerous celebrities have proclaimed themselves feminists. A blog has been created for women to share the stories of sexism they face everyday. I discovered all of these facts and more. As my mind was broadened, I created a mission: to be a woman who brings awareness to the injustices faced by all genders.